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“No Comment”: Emails Show the VA Took No Action to Spare Veterans From a Harsh Trump Immigration Policy

Top officials of the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to step in to try to exempt veterans and their families from a new immigration rule that would make it far easier to deny green cards to low-income immigrants, according to documents obtained by ProPublica under a Freedom of Information Act request. The Department of Defense, […]

Want to Be a Wildland Firefighter? Montana is Training Veterans for Free

Want to be a Wildland Firefighter? Montana is Training Veterans for Free. The Veterans Green Corps, based in the Central Divide (Helena, Montana) region, is a field-based opportunity for post 9/11 era Armed Forces Veterans and Service Members. This training program is 11 weeks long and gives you all the qualifications you need to be a wildland firefighter. This […]

Combat Veterans Needed for UCF Study

Combat Veterans are needed for a UCF study – UCF Restores is recruiting Veterans and/or active duty who were involved in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars for a research study on PTSD. The study will help develop tests to aid clinicians in their assessment and treatment of PTSD. They need Veterans with and without PTSD. In return for your participation, […]

Trump Wants to Withdraw Deportation Protections for Families of Active Troops

The Trump administration wants to scale back a program that protects undocumented family members of active-duty troops from being deported, according to attorneys familiar with those plans. The attorneys are racing to submit applications for what is known as parole in place after hearing from the wives and loved ones of deployed soldiers who have been told […]

TurboTax Uses A “Military Discount” to Trick Troops Into Paying to File Their Taxes

In patriotism-drenched promotions, press releases and tweets, TurboTax promotes special deals for military service members, promising to help them file their taxes online for free or at a discount. Yet some service members who’ve filed by going to the TurboTax Military landing page told ProPublica they were charged as much as $150 — even though, […]

Civilians Are Blind to the Lasting Trauma of War

Shortly before Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Army posed a broad question to veterans, prodding them to talk about how serving America “impacted” their lives. The question was very much on-brand with the Army’s recruitment commercials, which valorize service as a life-changing good, and it’s likely that the marketing team hoped to spark an inspiring response from […]

This Report Says Black and Hispanic Service Members Are More Likely to Face Trial

Men in the military are much more likely to go to court-martial than women, according to recently compiled data, and black or Hispanic service members of either gender are more likely to face a trial than their white counterparts. However, once service members get to trial, the likelihood of a conviction is nearly the same across all demographic backgrounds. […]

Governor DeSantis Signs SB 910 – Court-Ordered Treatment Programs

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed SB 910 – Court-Ordered Treatment Programs, which expands eligibility for Veterans Treatment Courts to include veterans who were discharged or released under any condition, as well as former U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) contractors and individuals who are current or former military members of a foreign allied country. The bill is […]

I’m a Veteran Without PTSD. I Used to Think Something Was Wrong With Me

A few years ago, my husband, Chris, who survived four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, was killed by an avalanche in Colorado. I am an Army veteran who was deployed to combat zones twice, in 2005 and 2008, without any serious lingering psychological ramifications. But I thought my husband’s death, that New Year’s Eve day, […]

47 States Call on Betsy DeVos to Forgive Student Loans for Disabled Veterans

On Friday, three days before Memorial Day, attorneys general for 47 states wrote to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos asking her to automatically forgive student loans for eligible disabled veterans. The Department of Education has identified more than 42,000 veterans who qualify for a federal program known as Total and Permanent Disability Discharge, or TPD, that offers to […]