Social Security

Information and descriptions provided below are taken from the United States of America Social Security website. Each one of the subject areas listed on the website offer both audio and PDF versions that can easily be downloaded from the Social Security website as listed above.

Social Security Administration’s 100% Permanent & Total Veterans Initiative
05-10565, April 2016

The Social Security Administration is launching a new initiative to provide expedited processing of disability claims filed by veterans who have a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Compensation rating of 100% Permanent & Total (P&T).

Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors
05-10030, ICN 456098, January 2016

Find out how you can receive expedited processing of your disability claim from Social Security if you became disabled while on active military service on or after October 1, 2001.

Military Service and Social Security
05-10017, ICN 451475, January 2016

Learn how military personnel earn Social Security coverage and other general information about Social Security benefits.

Entering the Community after Incarceration – How We Can Help?
05-10504, ICN 382004, November 2015

Find out how Social Security beneficiaries can have their benefits restarted after being released from prison.

What Prisoners Need to Know
05-10133, ICN 468767, June 2015

Find out how to apply for or get Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits reinstated after release from jail, prison, or other public institutions.

Your Right to an Administrative Law Judge Hearing and Appeals Council Review of Your Social Security Case
70-10281, ICN 443200, December 2015

If you are eligible for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income Benefits, we want to make sure that you get them on time and in the right amount. After the Social Security Administration (SSA) decides whether or not you are eligible for benefits, or that the agency will stop your benefits, or change the amount, the SSA will send you a letter explaining our decision. If you do not agree with the agency’s decision, you have the right to appeal it. When you ask for an appeal, the Social Security Administration may review the entire decision, including those parts which were favorable to you.