Legal Resources

Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) Veterans Advocacy Project

CLSMF provides legal advice and representation including but not limited to:

  • Filing claims and appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs for disability compensation and/or pensions;
  • Filing appeals with United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims;
  • Defending inappropriate discharge, discharge characterization or disability rating;
  • Applying for dependent and survivor benefits;
  • Accessing other public benefits such as unemployment, Social Security, disability and food stamps, etc.;
  • Access to healthcare and mental health resources;
  • Filing claims with Veterans Affairs for increased disability ratings.

Justice for Vets
571-384-1870 (

This program serves as the stewards of the Veterans Treatment Court movement. The program offers education and technical assistance to Veterans to help to keep them out of jail while connecting them to the benefits and treatment they are eligible for and have earned. Justice for Vets works closely with the criminal justice system to identify, assess, and respond to all justice-related issues for Veterans. This resource is also active in leading the national effort to establish Veteran’s Treatment Courts and supporting Veterans in need. As the national leader, Justice for Vets will also advocate for Veteran’s Treatment Courts and mobilize the public to take action ensuring that no Veteran is left behind.

National Organization of Veteran’s Advocate, Inc.
202-587-5708 (

National Organization of Veteran’s Advocate, Inc. (NOVA) is a national organization of attorneys and other qualified members who act as advocates for disabled Veterans to pursue service connected benefits.

Veterans Justice Outreach Initiative (VJO) (

The VJO initiative is designed to help Veterans avoid unnecessary criminalization related to mental illness. VJO helps the Veteran avoid extended incarceration by ensuring eligible justice-involved Veterans receive timely access to VA health care, and when applicable, mental health and substance use services (if clinically indicated) and other VA services and benefits as appropriate. VJO specialists provide direct outreach, assessment, and case management for justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails and liaison with local justice system partners.

Veteran’s Treatment Court
Orange County: 407-836-0651
Osceola County: 407‐742‐2431

Veterans returning from combat may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or may have difficulty reintegrating into society. Due to alienation and lack of support, some Veterans fall into drug and alcohol abuse or develop mental health issues. Veteran’s Treatment Courts have been established to address these issues.