Many of those in the United States, including foreign nationals, believe that a guaranteed way to gain citizenship is by joining the Armed Forces and serving in combat. However, this belief is misplaced. In fact, many pare completely unaware that the United States regularly deports combat veterans who have been convicted of crimes.

Further Reading

Advocates Plead for Leniency as War Veteran with Drug Conviction Faces Deportation by Audrina Bigos, CBS Chicago (2016)

This report discuss the last minute plea of Miguel Perez, a veteran who was born in Mexico and then brought to the United States when he was child, to not be deported.

Service Members, Not Citizens: Meet The Veterans Who Have Been Deported by Quil Lawrence, NPR (2016)

This report chronicles the deportation of veterans and details the individual stories of veterans who are now south of the border helping recently deported veterans adjust to a country that they have never called home.