In recent years, there has been a rise of reported sexual assault cases in the military. For example, one in four female veterans and one in 100 male veterans reported to a healthcare provider that they had experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MTS). In addition to facing the challenges that every solider does upon returning from service, veterans who have experienced MTS also have increased risk for substance abuse, depression, panic attacks, sexual dysfunction, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Information on health services for veterans is available here. Information on substance abuse programs is available here.


“Taking Military Sexual Trauma Seriously” by Juleyka Lantingua-Williams, The Atlantic (2016)

This article features an interview with Judge Eileen Moore of the Orange County, California, veterans court, highlighting her outreach to a female veteran. The article provides an overview of the prevalence of Military Sexual Trauma in female veterans. Additionally, this article discusses the effect MTS is having on female veterans when they come back home after serving. Read the full article.

“Developing and Presenting Trauma Evidence” by Larry Miller and Sara Cohbra, CACJ/CPDA Capital Defense Seminar (2013)

This PowerPoint presentation outlines the best practices for developing and presenting evidence of trauma for the purposes of mitigation. View the full presentation.

“Trauma Sets Female Veterans Adrift Back Home” by Patricia Leigh Brown, The New York Times (2013)

This article focuses on homeless female veterans who have been subjected to Military Sexual Trauma. According to the article, female veterans not only have to face the same problems as their male counter-parts, such as substance abuse, upon returning home, but they must also deal with the psychological harm left from Military Sexual Trauma. Read the full article.

“Son, Men Don’t get Raped” by Nathaniel Penn, GQ (2014)

This article covers men who have experienced Military Sexual Trauma. Individualized stories of male victims of MST, some of which were subsequently arrested, are highlighted. The article also addresses the unique issues surrounding the sexual assault of male victims. Read the full article.